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Starr Armstrong

President and Chief Executive Officer 

An exceptional programmer and champion for children, Starr Armstrong has worked with underserved youth and community members for over 18 years.  A graduate of Jacksonville State University, Starr is filled with the devotion and ability to create substantive change.  This hunger for making a difference is what drove Starr to create an organization that would fill what she perceives as voids within the communities she serves. Starr’s eagerness to provide resources and opportunity to young people who may suffer from what she describes as a “love-deficiency” has been fueled by her desire to turn the tide and create programs that help build and strengthen the community.    

After attending an African-American Read-In at a local elementary school in 2011, Starr grappled with the fact that the school’s library lacked enough literature that was culturally diverse.   She decided that it was time to act! By using her influence on social media, Starr decided to be the change that she wanted to see.   With the help of her friends and followers Starr was able to raise enough money to make a substantial contribution to two local elementary school libraries.  The social media campaign was so successful that Starr was able to turn it into an annual event that so far has provided hundreds of books into 11 Title 1 elementary schools around Hampton Roads, Virginia.  

In 2012 Starr founded Clever Communities In Action (CCIA), a results driven organization that focuses on youth and community empowerment.  In addition to the annual Youth Book Drive, CCIA has partners with Solar Natives to provide the Hip Hop Youth Initiative Program teaches that critical life skills to teens through engaging activities and workshops that are centered around hip hop music and culture.  CCIA also provides impactful youth and family-oriented programs through partnerships with multiple community civic leagues and partners.

Starr is also a blogger and motivational speaker with a passion for social change in the community.  She has been featured in multiple print and digital publications, and also has appeared on several radio shows.  

Starr Armstrong… Community Activist, Entrepreneur, and Social Influencer!