Statistics show that African-American boys struggle with an interest in reading. Razor Sharp Readers tackles this problem in a unique, effective and practical way.  We provide books, bookcases, a reading rug, reading chart, and a reward chest to barber shops.  Young customers read to their barbers during their hair cut, and barbers praise each boy throughout.  Each session is logged by the barbers, and certain benchmarks allow youth rewards.  After 10 reading sessions, the youth receive a free haircut.

This program combines a necessity and staple of the African-American community. Reading is essential for youth development and success while the barber shop visits are a rites-of-passage for African-American boys. Barbershops are a cornerstone of the community in which bonding, advice and fellowship have occurred for decades. Razor Sharp Readers addresses literacy concerns by providing books that will appeal to African-American boys. Reading to barbers helps the children develop their skills in a familiar environment with a supportive audience.