05 Apr

Flint, MI Book Delivery 2017

  • By Starr Armstrong
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Thanks to our most gracious donors we were able to extend our 2017 book delivery to the babies of Doyle Ryder Elementary in Flint, MI. The Flint Water Crisis is still happening! It could happen to any of us. We.
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A collaboration with Solar Natives, this summer program uses hip hop culture to inspire and challenge youth in ways they never experienced before. We teach critical life-skills while providing teens with a voice and an outlet via a form of art and communication they are extremely fond of.  The beginning sessions consist of instruction on the history and foundations of hip hop plus the five elements which the culture is based upon. The youth select which element they would like to explore further and join that group for hands on, in-depth instruction from experienced teachers.

We use hip hop to teach life skills such as team-work, entrepreneurship, discipline, leadership, public speaking and a host of other critical developmental skills. We have observed that many of our youth suffer from a Love deficiency. Our instructional approach is grounded in compassion, empathy, high-expectations and Love. Our teens credit the program to increasing their self-esteem, making them more outgoing in school as well as more confident to express themselves in classrooms and among peers. Both our teens and their parents state that Hip Hop Youth Initiative is their family. This is why the program has re-enrollment rate of over 90%.