Sparked by an observation that there were not enough culturally-inclusive books in elementary school libraries, Clever Communities In Action has been on a quest to fill that void since 2011. Thanks to donations from concerned “Villagers” local and nation-wide, CCIA has placed over 1,000 culturally-inclusive books into the libraries of 11 Title One elementary schools.

Children become more engaged in the reading process when they are provided with literature in which the characters and story-lines reflect themselves. Our annual Youth Book Drive promotes literacy, positive self-esteem and cultural awareness. We are delighted each year to see the children’s faces light up with joy as they are presented with the vast selection of literature. It is great to see that even in the midst of such technological advances, children still get excited about reading a book. CCIA firmly believes that strong readers become strong leaders and readers who start out with books that affirm their culture become strong leaders with high self-esteem!

This event is a source of pride for many because not only does it provide an invaluable learning tool to our youth; it is also a testament of what can be done when people work together to achieve a positive goal. We are appreciative of all who assist in making the book drive a successful endeavor!