Clever Communities In Action

is a 501c3 non-profit organization, founded in 2012 to empower  youth and  communities.

Community Needs

Far too many of our youth are faced with daily challenges of broken homes, lack of mentorship, unrelatable school curricula, low expectations and a lack of a sense of belonging and feeling loved. These deficiencies can manifest themselves in the forms of low self-esteem, violence, lack of interest in school, poor choices in dating and relationships, low cultural self-esteem and the repetition of destructive cycles.


Clever Communities In Action sees the best in our youth and communities. We have impacted literacy in Hampton Roads schools and developed programs that help communities empower themselves while motivating youth to positively influence their surroundings. The results? Higher self-esteem in Hampton Roads children and teens. From placing over 1,000 culturally inclusive books into the libraries of local Title 1 elementary schools to developing teen mentoring programs that teach life skills, promote team-work, entrepreneurship, discipline, leadership and public speaking, via hip-hop culture, Clever Communities In Action is positively influencing Hampton Roads.